Bachata Dance Classes, Los Angeles

Bachata dance originated in the Dominican Republic as an outlet for expression and a form of entertainment for slaves after a difficult day of labor. Garbage cans, pots, pans, and homemade musical instruments were the means by which the music for bachata was originally formed. Some sources even suggest bachata is a word that means “trash”, while others argue that it is merely a term coined for celebration. Never-the-less, the roots of bachata dance are distinctly Latin-American in fashion, drawing inspiration from the Spanish bolero, and later salsa and merengue, who lent their quickened pace and guitar styling. On top of the music, bachata is accompanied traditionally by a male vocal lead who expresses his story of love with a soulful and exotic Latin flair.

Two bodies dance intertwined, one with the beat of the song and one another, lost as they chase the passion and the story played out as their own desire, rolling in and out of each other like the Caribbean tide this is bachata. With fire from the spice of the Dominican Republic, bachata dance is becoming an ever popular style of expression characterized by simplicity and synchronization set on a romantic and dramatic backdrop.

The bachata is a basic dance consisting of a three-step pattern with Cuban-inspired hip motion, followed by a hip tap on the forth beat. Proper form with a slight bend in the knee insures the dancers can adequately sway their hips, providing soul and romance to the steps. Most of the movement of the dance comes from the dancer’s lower body, which glides gracefully with their partner’s. It has been said that the more fluidly in tune the dance partners’ motions are the greater their feelings for one another. The intonation of the music lends greatly to the feeling put into the dance, so not only romance, but drama, heartbreak, and sadness can play a part in the dance as well.

Our Los Angeles Bachata Dance Classes

This fiery, sex-infused dance style draws in couples wanting to express themselves on the dance floor. Steps of Gold Dance is the place to find that fire. With our professional and knowledgeable instructors, we will help you master this intense art form. You will feel the passion and chemistry with the partner of your choice, or come alone for a whole new experience. Bachata is an emotionally expressive way to escape from the trials of everyday life as you meld with the spirit of the Caribbean.

Why Take Bachata Dance Lessons?

If you have an interest in romance, music, fun, and fitness, don’t waste your time and money buying an expensive membership to the gym and hanging out at noisy, overcrowded bars. Instead, satisfy all of your desires with a single activity that also provides you with the added benefits of gaining a new skill, meeting new people, and having a good excuse to shop for a snazzy new outfit! Quickly gaining worldwide appeal for its adaptability and expressiveness, bachata dancing is a pastime that will get you on your feet and whisk you into an exhilarating realm of passion, sensuality, and pleasure.

At Steps of Gold Dance, you can learn this exciting new skill from experienced instructors who can take you from your first tentative steps to doing taps and hip lifts with the gracefulness and fluidity of a natural-born bachatero. However, your journey doesn’t end there. One of the most alluring aspects of bachata dancing is that, over the years, many new styles and forms have developed, which means that you could virtually spend a lifetime practicing and perfecting all of the sizzling yet sentimental movements and techniques that your newfound hobby has to offer. Styles ranging from ballroom and modern to urban and frontier enable you to dance the bachata solo, with a partner, or in a group, so when you sign up for lessons at Steps of Gold Dance, don’t forget to ask your significant other, your family and your friends to join you!

Birthplace of Bachata

The Dominican Republic is the birthplace of the traditional bachata dance, which evolved in conjunction with bachata music, largely inspired by the Cuban bolero. Although this guitar-based music has its roots in the early 1900s, it was known for many years as “musica de amargue,” meaning bitterness or bitter music, because of its predominantly poignant themes of romance, such as heartache, sadness, lost love, and jealousy, as well as its slow and soulful beat. Consequently, the original style of the bachata dance is characterized by a simple yet emotionally charged and physically expressive four-step beat between partners who convey their ardent sentiments through either an open or closed position that features sinuous hip movements, a fluid gliding motion, and perhaps most importantly, a heated yet tasteful manifestation of the couple’s intense passion and desire.

In recent years, the original bachata dance and its many variants have seen a meteoric rise in popularity in both the social and competitive arenas. In fact, an article published in the Los Angeles Times in September of 2011 states that the bachata dance is a “phenomenon” that “has exploded at local clubs.”So, ladies, don your sexiest dress, and, guys, slip into your most flattering jeans, and head on over to Steps of Gold Dance, serving the Greater Los Angeles Area, where you can learn all of the supple and scorching moves of the red-hot bachata that is burning up dance floors around the world.

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