Social Salsa Classes, Los Angeles

When you think of sexy, seductive and fast paced dancing, beautiful women twirling in the arms of their men, you think of salsa. Shaking hips, spinning dresses and clean-cut moves distinguish this iconic Latin-American dance from others. A unique dance, enjoyable for both dancers and the audience, set to the fast beats and catchy rhythms of salsa music, social salsa captures your attention and won’t let you go. Sometimes referred to as Latin Jazz, salsa music exists for the dance and the emotions expressed on the dance floor. The basic steps of salsa can be easily learned through a lesson at Steps of Gold Dance, and with the immense variety of styles of salsa and improvisational, personalized moves that can be made to capture the rhythm of the song, salsa may just be the only dance you need.

What is Social Salsa Dance?

Salsa originated out of Cuba in the 1940s and has exploded in popularity since. With its widespread popularity throughout Latin and North America and Europe, unique styles have developed to express local flavor. From the iconic Cuban-style “Casino” dancing and its rhythmic movements of the hips and upper body to the aerial stunts and swings of L.A. Style salsa with its emphasis on sensuous, theatrical steps, there is a style of salsa just right for you. Social salsa dancing can be found just about anywhere, ranging from swanky nightclubs to local festivals with live music and outdoor dance floors, and you can start joining in with a lesson from our instructors.

With salsa events held nightly in salsa clubs and dance halls across Los Angeles, you can find places to dance with or without a partner. Not a fan of loud music and stifling crowds? Seek out any of the more low key ventures to dance at in Los Angeles. Or, alternatively, really want a pumping crowd to get your enthusiasm going on the dance floor? Dozens of clubs every night are hosting social salsa dances, many with live bands. See or similar sites for listings of clubs and restaurants featuring bands and dances.

Don’t have a partner to dance with? No problem! Many styles of salsa dance use multiple partners, or even individual dances, and the simple basic steps, combined with the improvisational elements of salsa dance make it a perfect opening move to use in a club. Let your lessons at Steps of Gold Dance be your guide and give you the confidence you need to move out of the crowd and onto the stage! Social salsa can be an incredibly rewarding style of dance and you will never be out of style with the moves you learn from our instructors. Let us take you on an adventure!

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